Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Orange Sunset, oil on cradled board, 4"x6"

It's actually starting to get cold when I paint at the beach at night. Can someone please tell me where summer went??
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lynn a r scozz said...

the small world grows larger... got your link through a friend via a friend who knows a friend... that sort of thing (actually it wasn't that elaborate!).
kassi just left for college (eastern ct) this past weekend. when we opened her time capsule from 1st grade, there was an audio tape of her interviewing you - you were 14 years old! and mik is driving now. crazy stuff.
your paintings are beautiful and i love them! i'm living in a condo in ttown now (oh the hometown news - mark and i divorced this summer)and would love to commission you sometime... on my teacher's salary of course. next time you're in the nwc let me know. email: lars24@gmail.com