Sunday, June 1, 2008

A week of poster studies

This is my first week's worth of poster studies from class here at Studio Escalier in Argenton-Chateau, France. There were some rough spots, but I feel like I'm improving. I've decided to make this "the summer of the poster study". I'm determined to really work to improve my poster vision.


Krista said...

Hi Harmony,

I am so excited that you painted the ball in your poster! Good stuff! Your posters look really good. Enjoy beautiful Argenton.

Juan Michael said...

I really think you've captured the essence of the beautiful model. I mean he really is stunning and delicious to behold and your poster really captures that... I must admit that I feel as if he were a delicious truffle... yes, a truffle begging for a nibble. Just a little nibble, not a big one. I am so bored.