Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chubby Brass Teapot - 5"x7", oil on gessoboard

I pretty much never say this about my own paintings, but I can actually say that I love this painting. I totally got in the zone while painting it. The key is drinking a latte on the drive home from work. That keeps me painting for a solid six hours.

I did an underpainting with this one, which I haven't done with my other small paintings.

Private Collection


Kira said...

That's really terrific, Harmony! What I would give for 6 whole hours to paint!

Julie Beck said...

omg sooo cool!

anf said...

great work harmony, so proud of you.

RGrantham said...

beautiful work, glad to meet you on etsy!
stick with the site, and keep up the great work.